The following is a detailed list of how Supernova Dance Company promises to follow along with regulations set by the State of Maryland and the CDC.

Please note that this is an ever changing situation and this page will be updated as regulations change.

If you have any questions or concerns with this information please e-mail the studio directly. The well being of our students and their families is our number 1 priority.

Mask Wearing Guidelines:

  • All dancers and faculty that enter our space must be wearing a mask.

  • A mask must be worn at all times when inside the facility.

  • The dance instructors will be in a mask while teaching all dance classes.

  • We will make sure to give the dancers enough water breaks during their lessons.

  • Instructors will adjust their lesson plans to never have the students reach full cardiac exertion so that they can feel reasonablly comfortable dancing in a mask.

Dance Studio Capacity:

  • Fourteen dancers will be allowed in Studio 1, Twelve dancers will be allowed in Studio 2, Eight dancers will be allowed in Studio 3, and Seven dancers will be allowed in Studio 4.

  • All family members are encouraged to drop off and return, or wait outside in their cars; a live stream will be available for most of our classes to watch from your car or home. 

  • Common waiting areas are closed at this time.  Parents may walk small and shy children up to class.

  • Class schedules have offset start and end times to reduce the number of students in the common areas at one time.

  • Teachers will usher students in when class changes happen, please wait until students are safely inside before leaving the parking lot.

  • Dressing rooms will remain closed, please come dressed and ready.

Inside The Dance Rooms:​​​

  • Dancers will receive hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

  • There are marked spaces around the perimeter of the room for dancers to place their belongings. We will not be using our cubby rooms.

  • The dance studio floors have been marked off with tape.  Our larger two rooms are marked 9-10 feet apart and our smaller two rooms are marked 7-8 feet apart.

  • No dancers will come within 6 feet of each other while in the dance studio.

  • There will be no use of shared dance props like scarves, hoops, or ballet barres.

  • Each child will get their own acro mat in acro classes, but mats are shared across all classes. Mats will be sanitized in between uses.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

  • All high touch items will be sanitized between every dance class.  This includes (but not limited to) door handles, stair case railings, barres, and the dance floors themselves.

  • The restroom will be sanitized between classes.

  • To ensure we have sufficient cleaning time, we have scheduled 5-10 minute breaks between classes.

  • There will be hand sanitizer in each dance room.

  • Anti-Bacterial hand soap will be available in the restroom.

  • All students must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the dance room.

Health Screening:​​

  • Students who have shown signs of illness or live with family that has been ill should not come to class. 

  • Students who seem symptomatic will be dismissed immediately. A family member will be contacted for immediate pick up. 

  • All classmates family members will be contacted and made aware if there was a positive case in the studio.

Virtual Option:

  • We will be live streaming all dance classes live on Zoom.

  • All students may take their classes virtually if they choose.

  • Parents may use Zoom to watch their child in dance class instead of watching from inside the studio.